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Footer is a compulsory part of a theme. In Saasland, you have a lot of options to edit the Footer yourself.

Saasland Default Footer

The default footer of Saasland has two-part (Footer Top and Footer bottom). You can edit the the Footer top area from Appearance > Widgets and the Footer bottom area from the Theme Settings > Footer Settings > Footer Bottom.

You can control the Footer area based on the following way.

  1. You can hide/show Footer on individual pages. You will find the Footer hide/show option in the Saasland Page Options in the WordPress Page editor. See the screenshot below-

2. You can edit the top part of the Footer from Appearance > Widgets > Footer Widgets. Take your widgets from the left side of the Available Widgets and place those widgets into the Footer Widgets area. See the Footer Widget area below-

3. You will find the Footer Settings under the Theme Settings.

You can set a custom made footer template in your website that you can build with Elementor.  Before selecting the Footer Style/Template you have to create the Footer Style/Template from  WordPress dashboard > Footers > Add New.

Use the default footer on all pages.

In the demo contents, you will find some different Footers

Can not edit the footer template?

Did you try to edit the footer with Elementor? You

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